Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Phantom!

This week has been such a jam-packed, yet relaxing week (if that's possible).  Since it's Thanksgiving week we got this past Wed-Fri off of schoolThis type of break is normally spent relaxing while watching tv and reading a good book.  However, this year my break was filled with homework.  I spent Thanksgiving in Greenville this year and TJ had to work all day Wednesday and Friday so I spent all of that time doing homework.  I'm so glad to say that I finished two projects, set up two presentations, and got to study for an exam during those two days.  

Thanksgiving day we went to Washington to have lunch with TJ's family.  There was about 65-70 people there and it was jam-packed with food!  Delicious food!  We were stuffed after we were finished eating and still got to bring home a plate of food AND a plate of dessert for the both of us!  

As I was finishing up my homework on Friday I started to pack.  TJ and I decided to go to my hometown for Thanksgiving lunch on Saturday.  We knew that my brother and sister-in-law would be there so we thought that this was an ideal time to go.  We also decided to go home that weekend because TJ got the opportunity to meet my grandparents (on my dad's side), and we both got to meet my dad's girlfriend Brenda.  It turned out that my brother Jonathan and his wife Stacey couldn't make it home because Jon has pneumonia!  I really hope that he feels better soon!

The hands-down absolute best thing about the weekend was that TJ COMPLETELY surprised me by taking me to see Phantom of the Opera at the Durham Performing Arts Center.  Here's the story of how he surprised me:  As we were leaving Greenville late Friday afternoon TJ stopped by Food Lion to run in and get some canned foods.  He told me that there was a canned food drive at the Durham Bulls Stadium and that they would give us a big coupon book if we donated some cans to them.  Because I love coupons so much I thought this was a great idea!  The whole time we were driving to Durham I kept asking what type of coupons they would have, and what time it ended, etc.  As we finally got to downtown Durham I got so excited about getting our coupon book!  We passed by a sign that said "Durham Bulls Stadium Parking."  I told TJ that we had missed the sign and he said that we would find another way to get in.  I saw another sign that said the same thing a little bit down the way and I told TJ to turn there in advance, but he kept driving!  I then asked him why he  passed the sign, but right then I saw the sign that said "Durham Performing Arts Center Parking."  I told him that I didn't know that the DPAC was right downtown so close to the stadium.  (I had known about it but never knew it was *right there*).  Since it's pretty much an all glass building we could see that a few people were inside.  We decided to walk inside just to see what was playing.  When we got up to the ticket line TJ said that we would have two tickets to see Phantom of the Opera for that night!  I was completely shocked!  Completely!  How could I have not known this?  How could I have not known that there was no food drive at the Durham Bulls Stadium, and that there were no coupons?  It was such a wonderful show!  I've seen the movie before and heard the soundtrack but this just topped everything!!!  

So our Thanksgiving was spent with the Phantom!  How many people can say that?  By the way, after TJ had ordered our tickets he looked at me and said "Merry Christmas!"  It was such a great Christmas gift!  I don't know how I'll get to top that!   

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