Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Need Him

As most of you know I got a job! Not just any job but a great one! I am the Counter Manager for Estee Lauder at the Belk in Washington! And I have to say that I LOVE IT! I get to meet different people every day and find out what areas of "beauty" that they need help in. I have learned so much about my job hunting experience but this is what I've learned most:

I think it's funny how we think that we have control over situations. I had put in for a ton of jobs and only had about 5 interviews. The interviews seemed to go so smoothly and everyone said they loved me but then I wouldn't hear anything back from them. Ever. I began to think "Is this it? Am I going to have to move somewhere outside of Greenville to find a job?" One of the places that I had interviewed at was with Belk. Technically the interview was with Estee Lauder (3 interviews total just with them) since I would really be working for them. Again, all of the interviews seemed to go great and then I hear...nothing. Silence. My phone didn't ring for two weeks. "Here we go back to square one" I thought.

The Sunday after the two weeks had passed TJ and I went to church and at the end I wrote down my prayer request to find a job. This was on Sunday and on Monday morning I got a phone call from Belk saying that they wanted to hire me! Why did it take me so long to ask for God's help? Why was I so stubborn and stuck in my ways? Why did I think that I had to move to another city in order to find a job? Why couldn't I be content with the fact that God knows so much more than we do and that He's looking out for us? The whole time I was unemployed (about 5 months) I never once went without food, shelter, gas in my car, electricity, etc. He had my back and I know that He has yours! Does this mean that I could have stayed unemployed for another 5 months and had those same things given to me? I can only imagine. But I do know that He is looking for us. Now, if only I had talked to the Creator of the universe a little sooner that I needed a little job compared to His, maybe I would have gotten the job 4 months ago instead of now. Little reminders like this make me realize that I NEED HIM more and more than I could ever imagine.

"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus" -Phillippians 4:19

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